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Welcome to the RockPower Church web site. 

We are here to serve you and your family, to help you grow spiritually and to bear fruit as a Christian.

We desire that you have a strong and personal relationship with God through our Lord Jesus Christ and the knowledge of His Word.

At RockPower Church, we are committed to helping you understand who you are in Christ and what God has provided for you in this relationship with Him.

Please, come as you are and worship with us Sunday mornings at 10 AM and study the Bible with us at 7 PM on Thursdays.  We would love to see you!

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RockPower on the Radio! RockPower Church can be heard on the radio - 5 am and 7 am each weekday morning on KPSZ Praise 940.

The name of the program is "ROCKPOWER Radio." To listen online, click here.


  • Randy Grier will be speaking August 5,6,7 at 10am and 7pm daily.

  • If you belive we are in the end times, and if you believe Kenneth E. Hagain was a prophet to the church, than you should know that just days before he went to be with the Lord Kenneth E. Hagin spoke to Randy Grier by the inspiration of the Spirit of God, and said you will be right in the middle of the great end time revevial. 
  • I belive it.          ya all come please.